Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Little Bit of Me.

I have been writing and storing posts that eventually get deleted before they make it out in the world. I did not feel serious enough to expose any of them. I am feeling light hearted and silly. I did not feel like getting into the deep and heavy. Instead here are random facts about me.
1. I love hot tea. 
2. Dandelions are incredible. I dig them. A lot.
3. Hospital socks make me happy.
4. Singing is amazing and I do it all the time. If I am feeling a little down, I turn things into a song. I also do this when I am happy. I pretty much do it all the time. On another note, I do not do this well. 
5. I think I am hilarious. I make myself laugh, hard, several times a day. 
6. I am a fan of dancing. I like to dance, often. 
7. Those red notification circles on my phone bother me. 
8. I like to do laundry and I do not mind folding clothes. 
9. I enjoy reading. It is like living a different life, temporarily, one page at a time.
10. The best thing I have ever written is an ongoing project in my mind. 
11. I bruise easily. On any given day my legs look like a child's. 
12. I am terrible at surprising people and I cannot buy gifts in advance without telling people what it was that I got them. 
13. I still plan on going to Africa. Before I can do this I need to get a real job that pays me real money. No more Krabby Bucks.
14. I prefer the company of animals over people. Animals are always genuine. 
15. I graduated from college. Twice. 
16. I think playing in the mud is pretty rad. 
17. I wish more people said rad. 
18. My son is the coolest and funniest dude. 
19. I read to my son every day. He also reads to me. 
20. I sometimes do things that are not socially acceptable and that is okay with me. I have fun doing it and that is all that matters. 

Beyond these things, there are millions of other little and big aspects of me that make me who I am. I have incredible people in my life that contribute to my world and who I am today. I love them and all their little bits of crazy. Apparently they must feel the same way about me because they have been by my side for my whole life or the majority of it. So let's keep at it and do more crazy. 

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