Friday, April 29, 2011


First of all, thank you, Holly, for providing me with the title necessary for today. You're fabulous!

To really start this off, the name of my blog is Walking in My Own Shoes. Basically, the blog is in place to keep me aware of my journey in life and following along my own path. However, by focusing on my own path and walking in my own shoes, I do realize that there are many other routes in life and many other shoes that are filled. My path and my shoes are not the only ones that are present in this world. I do recognize that much.

Simply because I may think or feel one way, doesn't mean that everyone else I encounter or the billions of humans I will never encounter, will think or feel the exact same thing in that exact moment. Maybe they have been there before and got burned on that path. Or perhaps that path was never meant for them and they simply chose another. There are several concepts, situations, areas of life that I am particularly passionate about. I know in my heart and soul that I am set in my thinking on them. I have done the work to explore all options of those particular areas and happen to have found that my heart is set to defend my stand or my view point. My point of view works for me and fits my life. I do know that my view doesn't fit every individual. In some instances, I will provide information to others, but I will also listen to your view on the topics. I may not agree, but I think that seeing the situation from someone else's perspective is insightful. The human mind and human behavior fascinates me. That doesn't mean I think I am right, think you are right, or that I always agree. It just IS.

If you encounter me and tell me that you think or feel one way, but I don't, I am not going to tell you that you are wrong and that your feelings aren't valid. You're not wrong and your feelings are valid...for you. It just may not fit where I am in my life.

Egocentrism is basically believing that everyone sees the world as you see the world. However, we are not living in Utopia. Sorry, if you thought we were. You may be walking through life with your heart open, but that doesn't mean that everyone else is ready for such a bold and freeing move. It is a very scary step to take, especially if you have been hurt. Or if I have opened my heart and you have not, please don't dismiss that I feel, just because you aren't there.

This is my path. This is my journey. I am exactly where I need to be and want to have the freedom to feel and think what I want. You don't have to agree with where I am or what I feel, but don't push aside that I think or feel. Life isn't the personal fable that we had once believed it to be...or perhaps still believe it to be. Now, put your ego aside, this blog wasn't about you. ; ) Just a little reminder for myself. This is simply where my mind is today.

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