Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Four Letter Word

It's a four letter word. Four simple letters, pressed together, making one little word. Some think that it is a bad word or a cursed word. It is just one word and sometimes saying it does nothing more than provoke fear in the person that hears it come from your mouth. Other times, the word seems to be filled with nothing more than lies. To me, this word is one that should be said with care.

Perhaps I am out one day and a small child says this word to me. I can react in several different ways. This word is easier for a small child to use, than it is for most adults. I can look at this child and mouth back the word. Is this fair to do, even if I don't know the meaning behind the word? Or, I could look at the child, tell him/her that they are sweet. There are many ways in which I can handle this encounter.

I hear this word on a daily basis. I hear it from my child, my friends, and my family. I use this word on a daily basis. I say it to my child, my friends, and my family. I have heard this word thrown about, as if with no meaning. In the past, I have said it without understanding what the word even meant. I am guilty of abusing this word. In recent years, I have began to understand. In understanding, I have encountered my own fears of those four combined letters. I have gone through times in which I believed that this word could ruin anything. There have been moments in which I have avoided saying or hearing such a thing.

Today, I am embracing the word. LOVE. Love. Love. Love. Unfortunately, for many people, it is far easier said than done. I am not any better. I have been there before. Today I am willing to love and willing to let those that I love, know that I love them. xoxo

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  1. Well said. And I love you to bits. Glad your a member of my soul tribe lovely!