Saturday, August 9, 2014

Soiled Sheets for Fair Weather Friends

A few years ago and several posts back, my best friend and I collaborated on a post. This post was the Jameson Items. A post that we decided to write together, while sipping Jameson. The post was regarding qualities that we would like to have in a future mate. Over the years, it seems as though neither of us have found a partner that possessed each of the qualities that we seek in another. In the last few weeks there has been at least one more quality (item, if you please) that I would like to find in a potential partner.
I do not want this person to be by my side only in fair weather. When times get the slightest bit rough, I need someone that can work with me and stand by my side. I can handle a monsoon. The least you can do is be able to make it through a cloudy day.
Not only do I want that person to be able to make it through the good and the bad, I want something more. Perhaps something not entirely suitable to mention in an open online blog post...
Soiled sheets.
I am not talking about wetting the bed or using the sheets as bath tissue. I can be a clean freak. I wash my sheets, for sure. What I am talking about is someone that is open to my cycle. You can know about it and are not scared of it. I am looking for a person that can be open to having me during those days of red. Not afraid to mess up the sheets.
I want to make it through occasionally stained sheets and dark skies.

Oh, also... A lot of cuddling.

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