Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kindness of a Stranger

Friday evening I left work and was headed home. I needed to use the bathroom. Badly. I only had a certain amount of time before I had to be across town and I was already behind. Here I am driving home, practically holding myself, knowing that when I get in the house I need to let out Miro (my pup), go to the bathroom, change my clothes, and get back on the road. I am driving down the highway and I am about to merge from one highway to another. As I am in this merging process, I see this gigantic bug flying right toward my windshield. I was thinking that it would see me coming and fly over. Nope. I was wrong. That big, flying, beast of a bug collides with my windshield. It certainly left a mark. I think that I can just use the windshield wiper fluid and it will wipe away. Yeah... No, again. Whatever made up that hummingbird sized insect was something quite similar to cement. It stayed where it was and a little of the rest smeared across my windshield. What the heck? I go through the rest of that day and the whole next day with this huge bug smear on my windshield.

Today, I am up early, as usual, and have errands to run. I stop at the gas station and try to wipe the remains off my car. I am also checking that the paint that was sprayed on my car yesterday is really going to come off. (Yes, it will, but that is going to have to be arm day...) I am out of my car and wiping the windshield.

Somehow I managed to rip one of the wiper blades off. In two parts. I am standing there wondering how this even happened. I don't even remember touching the freaking wiper blades. I am messing around with it trying to figure out how to put it back together and get it on the car. I am also still holding the window cleaning contraption. I probably looked awesome. I am in my own zone and swearing inside my mind. I sort of get it back on, but make a mental note not to use the wipers until I get home and really fix it. I get in my car and send a quick random text that says, "I think I broke my wiper." I decide to get back out of the car. I am going to fix that wiper! It looks overcast. With my luck it will start pouring as soon as I pull out of the gas station. I am messing with it some more. This whole ordeal was only about 10 minutes. It was frustrating and I was absolutely confused as to how to fix this issue. Then out of nowhere a man appears. He asked if I needed help. I laugh and told him that I thought I broke my wiper. Yep, I look like an idiot now. I can be handy, but apparently not today. Now I look like a helpless fool. It is a windshield wiper. I wasn't trying to build a car. At this point I feel like a moron. He comes over to my car and starts trying to mess with that one stubborn wiper blade. I figure he will pop it right on and we will be on our way. Wrong. He is struggling to figure it out. So he then walks to the other side of the car to look at my wonderfully intact wiper.
What does he do? Well he decides to take my other wiper off and put it into two parts also. He was so kind. However, in my mind I am thinking that now I am going to be leaving the gas station with no wipers. He is struggling to get them back together. He made a couple grunting noises with the effort he was using. I start feeling like a total jerk. I magically have torn off my one wiper, he comes over to help, and next thing we know it is like we are trying to reconstruct my entire car. He is putting so much effort into this that I feel bad that he was kind enough to ask if I needed help. He gets the one back together and back on. Then he is back to the one that was the initial problem. He tells me that his daughter drives a car like mine and they go forever. I told him that they are great and I love mine. Making small talk. I start wondering if he is helping me because I remind him of his daughter and he would want someone to help her if she was having an issue with her car. Then I wonder if he is making the mistake that everyone seems to make... In thinking that I am closer to 18 than I am to 30. Here he is helping me and I am judging WHY he is helping me. Strangers rarely are kind and do not often want to offer to lend a hand or help another person. That is why I was judging his motives to help. Anyhow, he gets my other wiper blade together and back on my car. I thanked him several times and apologized for it being such a pain. He was still kind to me in the end and did not throw my wiper blades at me because they wasted much of his time. Whatever the reason was for him helping me, I do appreciate it. There is little left of that in this world. So thank you, sir. I am now prepared if it decides to rain.

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