Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tin Can of Wishes

There are some things that I will never understand and other things I will never attempt to understand. Now the point of even saying this is that I do not understand you. I am not sure that I ever will. I try and try a little (a lot) more. 
This is all easy. I have done nothing to complicate any situation, nor have I been forceful. I have stated my thoughts and feelings. Scary stuff. Or crazy. Perhaps even amazing (in my opinion it is this). Depends on how you view honesty. 
You have been like June bug. Back and forth. Still always attracted back to the light. 
Here it is. This can be salvaged or it can be crumbled. Either way, life will move forward for everyone. If you want to take a blind leap into something unknown and potentially wonderful, there are ways to make that happen. I have put forth my fair share of effort and I am going to leave the next step up to you. 
Leave me a tin can full of dandelions or even wishes. Say the words and actually back them up. Make a move. Let my time be valuable. It is easy if you think it is worth it. 

I have told you. If you still do not know, then you were not right for me.

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