Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Step Out of a Comfort Zone

Early Monday morning I woke up and had received a text message from a girlfriend. She was asking me if I had ever done nude modeling. I said that I had not. I mean not officially. I had posed nude for a man I dated many years back. He was (and still is) an artist and I had posed for him and him alone. It was not a paid gig or anything big. She mentioned that a friend she has was in need of a model for a group and asked if I was interested. I will admit that it sounded exciting and a bit scary. Not only do I not know the folks that run this group, I do not know any of the adults in it. I said that I would be interested. I was given the contact information for the woman that puts on this group. We text one another and as the day went on I received a text message from her stating that it was all set. She knows that I have never done this before. I will admit that I am still a little nervous about going. I am certainly comfortable with my body and do not mind posing for the sake of art. The part that actually makes me nervous is not knowing what to do with my body. How I might need to pose my body. I am under the impression that I am the one that will decide how to stand or hold myself. Part of me just laughed because this is something I struggle with in my everyday life. The old, "What do I do with myself?" I have searched on the Internet for inspiration. The group is meeting for 3 hours tomorrow evening. For 3 hours (with breaks), I will be posing for their figure study group. This is not something I normally do. I generally will not step out of my comfort zone enough to go to places in which I will know absolutely no one. I will, and I have, but it is not something that would be considered the norm for me. 

This will be good for me. I will try doing something very different than what I am used to doing. I will also meet a group of brand new people. I honestly believe that this will be a great experience and will help to pull me out of my comfort zone and allow for me to expand. I will gain something out of it. I know all of these things, yet still have a stomach half-full of nerves. By tomorrow, it will be filled with nerves. The only thing to settle those nerves will be to simply jump right in. It will be a way to open myself up, be vulnerable, and to meet new people. 

Some people might think this is absolutely insane. Perhaps. I am a fan of art and I am more than happy to help out when it is needed. There is little of that left in the world, or so I perceive from the world. I am grateful for the opportunity. Soon enough there will be an update of what becomes this experience. Until then, it will be getting naked for art's sake. 

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