Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happiness in My Lawn

Early in the afternoon I walked out into my backyard as I let Miro outside. I was taking in the cool air and the starting of a slight, nearly nonexistent snowfall. I looked around the yard and saw it. My last dandelion wish of this season. It made my heart flip and sink in the same moment. I was happy to see it. I was also sad that I knew it would be the last that I would enjoy until Spring arrived once again. I walked up to the spot in which it was growing from my yard. I crouched down to the ground in order to get a better look, perhaps my last glance. Part of me wanted to pull it from the earth and make a final wish. More of me wanted to let it remain in the yard to do as it pleases. I sat on my heels for a moment and simply savored and let my soul drink up the sight. I pulled out my phone and took what I believed may be my last dandelion picture for the year. I stood up and walked back into the house. I left home shortly after and drove to my folks' house. On the way there I started to think that when I got home that I could pull up the dandelion and save it in a plastic bag. My thought process on this was that once the weather returned to a nearly consistent warmth (whatever that means in Ohio), that I could pull the dandelion out and spread those little seeds. Maybe in doing that, I could be one of the firsts to have them sprout up in my lawn. I went through the day, somewhat leaving these thoughts behind. On my drive back home, I could only think about living in a place in which I could have dandelions year-round. If only. I am not entirely sure where my love for dandelions comes from. Most people that I encounter can only view them as a weed or something that needs to be removed. To me, they bring me happiness and make my heart soar. Until the weather warms, I will hold onto that last picture. 

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