Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 17

Day 17 - Something you're looking forward to

I am looking forward to Spring. I am ready for warm and sunny weather. This will give Gabriel and I much more time to play outside and run around. We like playing soccer and frisbee outside. The sun was warm and shining yesterday, which was great, but it was still fairly cold. We went and played at the park and it made me anxious for warmer weather. Gabriel and I enjoy spending time outside. The cold weather is a little rough for us because it gets too cold to spend time outside. Of course there are other things, bigger things, that I am looking forward to in life, but this is the most immediate thing that I am looking for.

As of right now, my neighbor, Mr. Pickle, is also looking forward to Spring. I can tell because I see he has his ChemLawn man out in his yard this morning...polluting the ground. Awesome. Glad he spends "hundreds of dollars" to make his yard look awful. I cannot wait for the Spring and he starts coming over to tell me that he will buy weed killer for my yard. Bring it on.

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