Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 28 - Something that stresses you out

My biggest source of stress comes from school. The stress that comes from attending school is due to several different factors. Financially, attending the school is expensive and I have had several issues regarding payment. The paperwork is another area of attending school that stresses me out. I am a dual student, meaning I attend the university and a local community college. Due to attending two schools, each quarter I have to fill out consortium agreements between the two schools in order to figure out payments. The two schools seem to have problems in completing this paperwork. UC tells me to fill out the form, send it to Sinclair, and Sinclair pretends to fill it out. Shortly after Sinclair calls me to tell me that I need to have UC fill out the form before they fill it out. I get the form, send it to UC, and UC pretends to fill it out. I get a call from UC saying that they cannot fill out the paperwork until Sinclair completes the form. This happens each quarter, regardless of who gets the forms first. It generally takes over 2 months to have two sections of a form, about 2 inches long, to be completed. It gets rather frustrating. UC is generally helpful and the people are kind, which makes this process a tad easier for me. I loathe the idea of contacting Sinclair. The conversations almost always turn out badly.
Having a deadline for graduation is anxiety provoking. I have until Spring of 2012 to graduate. This is a deadline that I already know that I cannot meet. That is about 5 quarters from now and I have nearly 9 left. So, unless I manage to come across four more of me, it just isn't going to work out. I am not going to quit, though. I am getting close enough to being done. School does give me some sense of satisfaction. I enjoy learning and doing the work (well, not always). I do know that when I am not attending school that it seems like my life is on pause and I am not doing anything productive.
Which does remind me that I am procrastinating on an assignment that needs to get done.

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