Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 27 - Pets

Miro. He is such a great dog. Even when he does things like eat my books while I am out of the house! He is loving and is wonderful when it comes to tolerating Gabriel's nonsense. I have had him for four and a half years. He has been the best. I love his little face. I honestly couldn't ask for a better dog.

My dog from when I lived at home with my parents, her name is Cocoa. She is a chocolate lab and had been in my life for 13 years. She is such a sweet girl. She has been so sweet with Gabriel, too. I love her like crazy.

Growing up, I had a cat named Butterscotch. He was full of overwhelming energy. I do miss that cat, though. He was a serious bundle of energy. He was born on our porch when I was very young. Out of all the kittens, he was the only one we kept. Mama kitty had to go, too. We were able to keep only one. He wasn't really the type of cat that wanted to be cuddled and loved on. He liked to just play and act like a maniac. I thought he was pretty super, regardless.

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