Monday, February 14, 2011

Day One

Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts
Here I am. Tamara Andrews (TJ) and my little man, Gabriel. This photo was taken a few weeks ago. Gabriel was crying because he didn't get his way. I am 25 and Gabriel is turning 3 in two days. He is the greatest. We make things work and we do the very best that we can.
Interesting facts? I am working on that part.

1. I haven't been to the movies in 5 years. (I didn't make it to the movies over the weekend) The last movie I saw in a theater was a Harry Potter movie. I don't ever think I have the patience to sit in the theater.

2. I take water with me whenever I leave the house.

3. I just recently experienced the adventures of a Brazilian wax. It was not as bad as I thought it might be. It certainly was worth it!

4. Brushing my teeth in the morning always makes me gag. Sometimes it makes me throw up. This does not prevent me from brushing my teeth, though. If I happen to throw up from brushing my teeth, I just shake it off and brush again!

5. I once hit a school bus full of children. There was no damage or injuries.

6. I love to color. I ask my son if he wants to color, just so I can.

7. I made a miniature coffin in woodworking when I was 16. I still have it.

8. Whenever I am up against a deadline, I almost always end up taking a nap. I don't know why, but naps just seem fitting.

9. I have never, knowingly, flown on a plane. Meaning, I flew with my parents as an infant. I would like to fly someday. I have my fears of flying, but I'll get over it. I do believe that driving is the way to go, though.

10. I have taken the same math class three times. I still haven't passed the class. Fourth time is a charm...I hope!

11. I want to get a tattoo. I already know what I want and where I want it, but I am going to sit on that idea for a bit longer.

12. I am afraid of the dark.

13. I would love to own my own flower shop.

14. I loathe working in service positions (mostly working as a waitress).

15. I want to make more forts with my son!

That is the best that I can do for right now. : )

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